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DDJ 1000 Pitch Control Issue v2

Noticed the original (closed) thread with input from a few users which has yet to be resolved. It keeps happening where if you use sync at all you can end up getting locked with no pitch control. At some point during a set, turning off Beat Sync will fail to give you any ability to adjust pitch unless you flail the pitch fader wildly until it unlocks – with all the associated vibe destroying sounds this entails.

I understand that most ppl that use sync probably keep it on at all times, but lots of us need to change the tempo at some point. I have tried every variation of sync type and master deck selection in my attempts to disengage sync. Turning it off should basically unlock the BPM / Beat sync function. Last week I used the "power down" DJ effect on one deck while starting another track and it weirdly slowed both down, which sounded completely inane.

Please fix this. Ideally, it would be nice to click Sync on and off, matching to the tempo of the other deck but then being open to modification. If you play a track which does not have a decent Beat Grid this is essential. Especially since adjusting the grid will often crash the application.


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You're not locked out of using the pitch fader but rather you need to hit the value that the sync has you at. Eg. If sync has you at -5% pitch then you need to get the fader to that value before it allows any changes. I'm not aware of any settings to change this in the software like there is in others but it prevents a sudden jump if the pitch fader is way off from the pitch/tempo of the sync.

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