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DDJ - RZX - Crash Master

I have a big problem.

While playing, the master and cue (monitoring) are cut off in the controller. Suddenly everything stops being heard.

Sometimes there is also a strange sound.

There is no pattern for the problem. The controller can spill once every few hours, but also 2 times an hour. Over the past few days I have tested extensively at home. I reinstalled the drivers and the recordbox, changed the usb cables (I use dedicated to music). The controller was connected to MacBook and Dell (from windows 10) every time within a few hours there was a problem. I will add that I have the latest drivers.

I need a solution to this problem, ahead of me is the season of intense playing. At this point, instead of focusing on playing, I'm waiting in stress if the equipment won't spill.

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input from 1 and 2 falling out, over line 3 and 4 it works

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