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DDJ 1000 Name of track and or artist on Jog Display. Simple!

Hey guys. I've owned my DDJ1000 for a few weeks now and I am in love with it.

One and ONLY thing I would love to be able to do is see what track is currently loaded on the corresponding Jog screen. 

I know the screen isn't that big. And screen real estate is limited. So, I can't see features like entire playlists, browser, etc being added to the screen, that would be silly!   I understand that.   BPM, Waveform, Time/time left, key etc... Is ample enough info!!! But....

But a simple one or two line text to simply display the name and/or file name and/or artist name that is currently loaded would be absolutely amazing. This could be maybe instead of the Art work ???   

That way, for me at least, I would NOT have to look at the laptop screen. I could browse back and forth with the search buttons and I'd be able to see whatever track loads into the deck. Simple!

A user in the thread below mentioned that it is possible through Rekordbox options.... But I for the life of me cannot find it.

Please tell me this feature is there and I am just stupidly blind to it ///

Thanks ahead!!!






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I'm still waiting for a firmware update for 'FULL jogscreen album art' option like in the smaller DDJ-800.

Like, wtf!?  The smaller DDJ-800 has the option, but they can't add it to the DDJ-1000!?!?


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wheres the update for dj 1000 , we t want too see the bpm gone, full art work ,they taking too long with this ,and dont think its fair\

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