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RESOLVED - DDJ 400 - Can hear master and cue when the crossfader is to the left

This issue has suddenly sprung up from nowhere. When the crossfader is to the left I can hear both the cue and the master output, when the crossfader is to the right the cue/master work correctly.

I have not made any hardware or software changes as far I'm aware so this is confusing. I have tried to reinstall Rekordbox, I have set the midi back to default and I have also gone into the preferances on Rekordbox and reset everything back to default but the issue still persists.

Windows 10.



EDIT: You have got to be kidding me haha. This post has just fixed it for me:



My decks were set up incorrectly; they were set up as 1 & 4 instead of 1 & 2. All sorted!

Joshua Rowbottom

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