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Rekordbox 6.0.2 / 6.0.1 - iTunes Playlist Folder Problem

Hi Team,

Issue with dragging and dropping playlist folders from iTunes tree to Rekordbox tree.

Playlists in RB area are not actually updated neither are new ones created.

Have attached a video as this should clarify - apologies for dodgy sound...



Deleting the entire Playlist Folder in the Rekordbox Tree area, and then dragging and dropping from the iTunes tree area brings the full list in correctly. This is a fine workaround, but just takes an extra step which was not necessary in RB5.


Am using RB 6.0.2 (was also issue in 6.0.1)

Win 10 64 Bit (all up to date)

toby spin

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Just seen that there's a big Windows update (V2004) that hadn't completed - I will let you know if this makes any difference.

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