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Use second controller for deck 3&4

Hey guys, because I just found old posts about this topic, I wanted to ask if it is possible to use 2 systems for controlling 4 decks. I am working with 2 xdj 700, djm 450 and and ddj xp1. Because i like to use deck 3 and 4 for preparing my next tracks, i think about buying for example a ddj sb3. I found a post 3 years ago, where there was a problem with rekordbox and 2 soundcards, but what about today, is it now possible? I hope you can help me.
Chris S

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First the SB3 is only for Serato, but I would get a 4 channel rekordbox controller and then hook up the XDJs to that.  If you want to use both systems, you have to designate the controller as the sound card and then funnel the mixer into it.  2 controllers running 1-2 and 3-4 would be easier since the program sees the decks on the controllers, but with an external mixer it's processing audio and the controller is doing it internally with the software.....


Sorry long answer!

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