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Unable to activate 4th device of Creative Plan


I currently have a Creative Plan and I activated 3 out of 4 devices.
When I try to add a 4th device, Rekordbox tells me that I have reached the limit of activated devices...
When I login to check my activated devices, I see 3 of them. At the bottom it says "Max 4 devices (3 used)".

When I try to disable one of them the page refreshes and nothing happens, all 3 licenses are still active.

When I try to deactivate the license on my phone, it's giving me a server error and it tells me to try again.

I don't understand why a company like Pioneer is struggling to keep their software running bugfree... 
I filled in the form of Rekordbox, will keep you posted when I receive a reply.

Does anyone else have such bad experience of the (way overpriced) new monthly plans of Rekordbox? 

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