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econoLED 6 LED Disco Dj Stage Lighting LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect Light DMX Light KTV Party

This is a cheap light I got from amazon that does a great job. I connected it as a different light and got it to do what I wanted but would appreciate any help in make it do what it can. I didn't come with a manual but here is the DMX Channel Modes:

A1x red constant model, A2x green constant model, A3x blue constant model, A4x three color step model, A5x seven color step model, A6x gradual change model, A7x strobe model, S1x sound control model, S2x sound and color step model, channel- CH1 0= w/o strobe effect, 1-255= LED strobe, speed from slow to fast

I have it connected as a Dragon Scan (8 channel) . The side of the Box says it has 8 channels DMX. 


Any help is appreciated!!

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