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Rekordbox freezes on loading

Hi, i havent used my rekordbox for a few weeks and just trying to load it and it freezes

Tried restarting laptop & reinstalling - (sticking with 5.8.5 as i bought the vinyl & video licenses on top) - can you help me get my rbox working again and tell me why this is frozen? 


Dj Narrative

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Plenty of reasons why that might happen, but we'd need more information to get there. I'll ask you to please file an inquiry ticket here, and if you can provide those details our support team can assist you further. Thanks!

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I have exactly this problem since today on rkb 5.8 :(

All is up to date, (rkb,nvidia,windows...) i changed nothing on my high spec pc.

It was working Tuesday, and 2 days later, rekordbox won't load. 
Instant freeze on the loading.

I've reinstalled rkb 5.8....but nothing changed.
I've installed rkb v6 and i have exactly the same problem....

I'll send too a inquiry ticket for this problem.

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Hey @Netrisca - In case you havent found a solution - i've just got it back working again after a week or 2 of support help.

The issue was thought to be the latest nvidia driver, but switching to intel / on board gpu didnt seem to address it for me. I was hoping to avoid installing the previous version as i use the new features for my av / visual work

But today Gabriel sent over a rekordbox3.settings file which solved the issue, so hopefully that might be the case for yours if its not already sorted. :)

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