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(Re-)naming Scenes

Is it possible to ren/name scenes?
Also it would be awesome if the scene would be shown at the top line in the Homescreen view, so one always knows which scene is currently active (maybe even together with the project name and pattern number, like
"Home - Project name - Scene name - Pattern #no."

Thanks for any help with this.

Harry Tuttle Répondu

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I hear you Harry, this is actually a very good feature suggestion.

I will convey this to the development team.


Rhythm Droid
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Okay, I see it has already been mentioned 3 years ago:

now with 1.6, it is still not possible to name new senes or adjust imported names without saving, then importing again vs. directly naming things in scene manager.
This feature would still be great to have, also to show scene name in home screen at top.

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