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Rekordbox backup problem

Hi all , i hope someone can help me .


So my computer was running slow , it had an hdd in it .

i backup rekordbox included the music files backup .

so i have a file named rekordbox_bak .

i installed a new ssd 500gb wich is too less for my music , i only want to use that one for programs .

and my secondary drive is now the hdd after i formatted it .

i installed rekordbox on my ssd and copy the rekordox_bak to the hdd .

imported the master file in rekordbox and library shows up but had to relocate the music .

Now there is the catch .

all the music is now stored in rekordbox_bak on the secondary hdd but every song is in a subfolder that rekordbox made .

also the names of the tracks now start with 0000ba or 0000fdg and so on .

if i try to relocate the tracks , rekordbox don't find the whole collection only track by track and it is not an option to imoprt all tracks cause then rekordbox move them to my ssd again and that one is to small cause i have 57.000 tracks .

need a solution

Gery Moens

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What version of RB are you running? I reported an issue with the restore for RB6 since it was released. When I restore my library, I have to relocate all files located on my E:. The restore defaults all tracks to C:. 

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 i run 5 , and i will stay on 5 principal .

the problem is that rekordbox renamed every single music file with their symbols and codes .

can't delete those codes in front of the tracks for 57.000 tracks manually


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