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DDJ-400 won't power on. USB power surge?

Yesterday, I got my brand new DDJ-400 from my local music shop and was able to use it with Rekordbox 6 on my MacBook Pro (mid-2014). Nothing was wrong with it.

Today, I tried to plug it in again and the lights lit up like normal, but then after about 10 seconds, they turned off. The MacBook gave an error message "USB Devices Disabled" with an explanation that it was drawing too much power and was shut down. I tried troubleshooting the MacBook every way I could (I work in cybersecurity, so my IT skills are pretty sharp), but to no avail. Every time I would plug it in, the same message.

I then tried it on my Windows 10 PC and got an error message saying that the USB device had a power surge and the device was shut down. I repeated this result several times. The DDJ never turned on.

I tried once more on a 2018 Macbook using a USB hub. No error message, but attempting to use the DDJ caused other devices on the hub to stop functioning. When using the DDJ as the only device, the hub won't even power up.

Based on the feedback from the other post "Ddj-400 Powered down and wont turn back on.", I tried to plug it directly into a USB power brick, but confirmed that the lights do not come on.

I think it's broken. I've had it for less than 30 hours.

Any advice?

Gerald Roybal

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