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iPad not found when click search

Trying to set up my iPad to connect to rekordbox software. use the connect button on the iPad app and then the search button in the software and nothing? But when I try the app on my android phone, it is found and connects no problem. The app on the android I have used for a while just wanted a bigger screen so decided to try my iPad. I can ping the iPad no problems as all devices are on the same network? Have checked and turned off the firewall on my MacBook and I can connect a Windows PC to the mac to browse shares etc. does the newer looking iPad app not connect to version 5 software? If not how do I get hold of the older version of the app for the iPad? Any help would be very appreciated. Cheers. Ed

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No, the new 3.x app does not connect to rekordbox 5; our engineers are aware of this and are working to release the older version of the app on the app store for those still using rb5.

Thank you.

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