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Preventing Rekordbox genre overwriting

So there have been multiple posts with regard to genre overwriting, however there haven't been any suggestions on preventing this from occuring.

Ive probably spent hundreds of hours tediously making sure that my tags on MusicBee have a large quantity of genres. Allowing for multiple genres within rekordbox isnt a huge deal to me - I'm more worried about rekordbox overwriting tags, which makes it harder to find tracks on musicbee.

How do I prevent rekordbox from doing this?

Thank you.

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You could try marking the file permissions as read-only (at the filesystem level), but there's no way to lock it within rekordbox without locking ALL of the functions (you can lock the database but it doesn't just lock changes to the file tags, it prevents you from creating / deleting playlists as well).

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That's extremely dissapointing. Should be a built in functionality 🤦‍♂️

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