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Adjusting beatgrid in Rekordbox

I use 2 CDJ2000NS2's and a DJM900 mixer for sets. In certain tracks I see that the beatgrid is off when I need to loop out of a track so I was trying to find a way to adjust the grid on the fly. After some research I see I can ONLY do it when playing a track off of a USB stick but I'm in LINK mode and this method does NOT work. Is there a way to do this in Rekordbox on my computer screen?


Plz advize


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Correct - you can't edit a track playing from the link on the CDJ itself; you can edit in rekordbox, but changes are not reflected on the track (on the CDJ) in realtime. Load the track to the player in rekordbox and switch to the grid edit mode by clicking the GRID panel mode button.

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