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License KEY 7/2020

Bought a DDJ-800, came with a rekordbox DJ license KEY with it. 

Downloaded the "free" software, and connected my controller to my macbook air.

Is there a reason to keep this license key? Does it give me a paid version of the software or does it just allow me to use the software with the controller I currently bought? I'm confused.

The software seems to be working, but I don't know for sure since this is the first time for me using Rekordbox.

I don't actually want to be paying for something that i can use for free.


Roberto Osgood

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The DDJ-800 was originally launched when rekordbox 5 was out, and it required a license key. Since then, rekordbox 6 was launched, which uses a hardware-unlock method instead. You don't need to purchase anything extra unless you want access to the additional features in the Creative plan (which you could always test on a 30 day free trial after you've got a feel for how the base features work for you).

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