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Rekordbox 6 migration thoughts and issues

Fellow Dj's,

please find a small story below with some questions :-)

I recently bought a Creative license for Rekordbox 6. I urgently needed an upgrade becasue I was still using 4.5. My DJ computer is more than 12 years old and i couldn't upgrade to latests OS anymore, hence i also couldn't upgrade Rekordbox anymore.

But now that I have a new computer, I finally downloaded version 6 and am trying to set it up.

The importing of my library was quite easy: i have a USB stick which was synced to my 4.5 Rekordbox. So i just dragged every single playlist to my new Rekord 6 database. Now i just have to analyse everything for new data and i'll be set.

Small sidenote: it's crazy how many different videos I had to watch just to realise that everybody is doing this differntly, and that there are many + and - to each method... One would expect Pioneer to make it a bit more easy in fact to switch computers.... and no the 'backup library' function looks easy, but it doesn't work :-D

But so, the last two issues left to tackle are the following:

  • History importing

my old Rekordbox db, on my old computer, contains aaaall my histories since the moment i switched to Rekordbox (2015). This is worth a lot to me, becasue i use my histories all the time to find inspiration. (-> when you're playing a song, you can easily find all previous mixes you've done over the past years with that same song!) This is by far the most important feature of the whole software to me!! It's also the only reason why i'm still dragging along a computer instead of simply playing from a USB stick. (note to Rekordbox: it would make me a happy man if there would be simple way to achieve the same result by only using USB stick... )

These histories were also synced to my USB stick. Yet, as soon as i plugged it in my new computer,they were overwritten by some empty history lists. So now I'm trying to find a way to get my histories out of my old Rekordbox and into my new one.

Does anybody had a similar issue? Any idea on how to achieve this would be greatly appreaciated :-)


  • importing tracks not part of a playlist

The second problem that i have is that I have about 2K songs in my old library which seem to be not part of a playlist. It would be great if could also import these in my new library because I'm sure that i play many of these songs frequently, without realising they're not part of a playlist...

thanks for your feedback!





Michael Répondu

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"One would expect Pioneer to make it a bit more easy in fact to switch computers"

They do, with the Backup Library function.

"and no the 'backup library' function looks easy"

It is.

"but it doesn't work"

Then explain what's not working about it, so we can help you fix it.

Erik Minekus 0 votes
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Hello Erik,


thanks for the reply! The problem with the 'backup library' error is that i don't get any details. The process starts fine, and the progress bar quickly goes up to about 40%, then it just stops and after a few minutes I get a popup saying 'failed to backup the collection' (see picture in attach). I already tried many times, but always get the same result.

I have to add that i'm trying to backup to an external drive. It has more than enough free space.

Michael 0 votes
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