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Rekordbox 6 - DVS Interface 2 with DDJ-1000

Hi folks, I'm trying to avoid having to pay £10 per month to use DVS with my DDJ-1000 and Rekordbox 6. The DDJ-1000 doesn't get DVS included with hardware unlock, but the Interface 2 does. I'm already using external preamps for my 1210's because the preamps in the DDJ-1000 are poor, so I was thinking of replacing those with the Interface 2 and taking advantage of hardware unlock work that device. Anyone else doing this or know if I'm likely to run into any problems implementing this configuration? Thanks in advance
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i was hoping to do exactly the same thing and reached out to Pioneer DJ support. After a few email back and forths the short answer is no. 

I asked for an explanation why and their "technical team" will get back to me. 

but after some digging i think (happy to be corrected as im no expert) its because you will have, effectively, 2 soundcards/interfaces running simultaneously... the IF2 and the onboard/inbuilt card from the DDJ-1000. The DDJ-1000 mixer is DVS enabled. 

so what Pioneer want you to do is plug straight into the back of the DDJ- 1000 and pay the subscription. I think this is why a lot of their new hardware is all DVS enabled so people like us cant circumnavigate the subscription issue with the interface

The only compatible hardware the IF2 will work on are controllers and mixers that are not DVS enabled, which is older model mixers and the odd controller (XDJ RX2 being one i believe?)

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