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Rekordbox Cloud Sync Broken, Does NOT Work As Expected

At latest 6.0.3, I have an open ticket with Support @Pulse I would really like to know if you have stress tested Cloud Sync between two different machines including Windows and Mac.  If so have you you seen this behavior?

Sorry for the long post but this is valuable info about the dangers of Rekordbox 6 (RB6). I have been defending RB6 since it's release but I have to recant primarily because the base premise of the paid version for the Creative Plan of Cloud Sync simply does not work. If anyone is using the Creative Plan for Cloud Sync your Playlists are most likely not in sync which could especially disastrous for Mobile DJs when making special Playlists for their gigs. Besides seeing issues of tracks not adding or deleting from Playlists, I have emptied a Playlist and days later it was repopulated with old data from two sessions prior. I have had an open ticket with RB Support since 6.0.0 on this issue. Last effort we wiped out both databases on my Mac and Windows machine and their DevOps engineer deleted the Cloud database to start fresh. Informally the support engineer admitted the issue I'm encountering RB Developers are aware of when the databases get out of sync. Here is a video where I show real time the workflow where I can easily break sync in a matter of minutes. The first part of the video shows how to set up the workflow.

I have also experienced numerous RB crashes with RB6. RB5 has never crashed on me. Even on the latest 6.0.3 I've seen a crash after initially launching it. Another issue I found, although a Windows related issue, Mac is more liberal with file naming mainly around the use of special characters. Windows is much more strict. While troubleshooting I found my Windows Collection to be ~ 270 tracks less than the Mac Collection. I had to rename all those tracks and/or folders to properly sync through Dropbox. I found a Dropbox article outlining the issue here:
Here is another video I created post breaking Cloud Sync where one of oddest things I've seen. A track was moving positions in Playlist by ITSELF with NO interaction on my part. It was moving two positions at time. Keep in mind these are higher end machines; MacBook Pro 2018 i7 16 GB RAM and Windows 10 i7 (10th Gen) 32 GB RAM.
Based on this there is no way I can recommend RB6 when the main selling feature is broken and IMO dead in the water when I can break sync in less than 5 minutes after a fresh import.
Thankfully I never stopped maintaining my RB5 database. I just can't understand how RB launched Cloud Sync with it fundamentally being broken. Cloud technology is so well done by so many other software companies. This frankly is embarrassing. What are your thoughts besides the standard go back to RB5?
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Having tested the cloud sync in a variety of methods before launch, I did find a couple of ways to cause issues, but those were more me forcing things to happen (which shouldn't have normally occurred). Otherwise, I found it easy and reliable.

I'll have to watch the video and go through the ticket to stay in the loop, but it's best to communicate through the ticket so I'm going to close this ticket to avoid any confusion. Thanks.

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