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ID3 Tags / External HD / Rekordbox Question

Used Serato for the longest time and kept all my music on my external HD. What's the best way to switch to Rekordbox while still keeping all my music on my external? I'm assuming I should import my HD library and then export the database as well back to my HD?

If I edit my ID3 tags outside of Rekordbox - will Rekordbox see this and automatically update them once music/database is opened again.

Also - Do I have to import my whole HD again every time I add new music to my HD

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Hey Andre,

Your music can remain on the external drive - importing it to the rekordbox library doesn't move the music, it just links the location of that file to the database.

If you are editing the ID3 tags on your files directly, you can update rekordbox by selecting any / all of the songs and then updating the tags.

To add new music, I find it's easy enough to add the entire drive as the import, then any songs already imported are skipped.

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Oh, and if you do need to export to that drive to use it with a CDJ or XDJ, you will need to do that to build the export database, but never fear - the process is quick since the files themselves are already stored on the drive; they aren't exported to create duplicates.

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