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Change Master Output from Laptop Speakers to Speakers connected to Laptop

Ive just purchased some DDJ 400's as my first pair of decks. I only have a UE Mega Boom Speaker for the time being which I would like to use. This is a bluetooth speaker which is aux compatible.

The speaker is hooked up (by aux) to my laptop. However, my master output from Rekordbox is still the Laptops built in speaker. 

How can I change the master output in Rekordbox from my laptops (Macbook Pro) built in speaker to the speaker connected via AUX to the laptop.


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You've probably already got the PC Master Output enabled in rekordbox, and it sends the master to the audio device selected as the default. If your default is the internal speakers, regardless of the connection of another device, the sound will go to the internal speakers. To change this, open the Audio MIDI Settings app and right-click on what is likely listed as "Headphones" and select Use This Device For Sound Output.

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