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Pioneer DDJ SR2 Freezes Serato DJ Pro

Good day. DDJ SR2 freezes after a couple of mins on Serato DJ Pro. There's a short beep then everything stops and the waveform disappears. All lights and indicators are normal on the DDJ SR2. 

- Windows Machine with Windows 7 (64Bit)

- Licensed Serato DJ Pro

Roger Callender Répondu

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Probably need more details about your system which I'm not gonna bother you with providing. 

Considering how old the SR2 driver is for Windows, the most stable way for me is to set Serato to run as Admin every time. I also bought a USB cable with a ferrite choke which helps with static say if you're standing on carpet. I also wrap my jog wheels to prevent static from my fingers. Maybe that last one is overthinking and not confirmed. But this is how I stably run Serato on Win10.  

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