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DDJ SR issues or does something changes?

Hi, since last posts i cant find new information about famous "hot cue" or "going crazy" issue or answers to problem. All i see is - go to the tech. Support. In technical support in my country they said - you better buy new controller, cuz fixing this problem cost like a new one(controller). And i want go ask @pioneerdj what the f..k? I have 600 dollars brick, that wasnt damage or water affected e.t.c. I never changed the setup(mac, usb csbles) and for 3 last years my controller works good. Then it crashes to "famous issue" and i.dont know what to do... WTF is happened, where the answers to your users and byuers?
Dmitriy Burkalov

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Last info i found is dated 16/17 years.

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