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Communication with Rekordbox Agent Error

hi there, i think i've broken my iMac's Rekordbox library :-(. 

I recently tried to perform a back up of the library and aborted half way through as i stupidly realised I'm on the creative plan for Rekordbox 6 !!! I'm on 6.0.4.


Since everytime i try to access the application it comes up with the message that there's a communication issue with the Rekordbox Agent. The FAQ suggests its because of VPN software or anti virus, neither of which i have. 

I've been running Rekordbox on my 2012 iMac since i bought it new. 

any ideas? 




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Hey Paul,

Sorry to hear about that - I'll direct you to please file an inquiry ticket here where we can gather a bit more information and pass this along to our rekordbox team for further assistance.


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