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wave form grayed out

Hey guys,

I am setting up my XDJ-RX for the first time via midi control with RB6.

I have updated the RX to the latest firmware (2.21), installed the driver on my comp, set 'MIXER MODE' to 'MIDI CONTROL' within the RX settings. Changed RB from 'EXPORT' to 'PERFORMANCE', loaded each channel on the RX to RB. The cross fader is linked and I can go through and select a tune to load from the RX but once I load the tune the wave form is grayed out. The file plays but I don't get any sound. 

I have checked the audio settings within RB and it is set to 'XDJ-RX ASIO'. The master output is set to 'XDJ-RX ASIO : MASTER' and the control device info says 'Pioneer XDJ-RX MIDI'.

Strangely enough I get sound notifications from Drop Box while I am connected to 'XDJ-RX ASIO' so the driver seems to be working...


Any help would be much appreciated guys.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well... 

James Stanhope Répondu

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Hey James,

Sorry to hear that -- you should make sure that Windows is not using the RX as your default audio device, it can cause the audio driver not to function properly with rekordbox.

As for the waveforms, check that the channel inputs are set to DECK 1 and DECK 2:

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