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Rekordbox 6.0.4 Totally Broke Library Sync

Hey, I just installed Rekordbox 6.0.4 and it seems to have broke everything. I am paying for the creative subscription, which comes with all of the advertised features. However, the basic sync feature appears broken as of 6.0.4


I have a desktop and a laptop. I'm using Windows 10 x64 on both laptop and desktop. The laptop has an external HD, desktop has internal HD. Both of which have the same drive letter and folder hierarchy. Every single file that is on my desktop computer's music folders is synonymous with the laptop. Anytime I acquire a new song, I copy it to my laptop's external HD. When I add a song to the Rekordbox program, I always do it solely on my desktop and it synchronizes cue points and everything without issue because the folder tree is the exact same on both devices. At least until 6.0.4.

My library has 3,680 songs

Now, as of installing 6.0.4 for some reason, 3,550 songs are greyed out on my desktop. 130 are greyed out on my laptop. Everything greyed on the laptop was added after 7/2, and everything greyed on desktop was added before 7/2 (except for one song added on 7/2 that is white on the laptop for whatever reason). Math shows the entire library is there, just split between the two devices.


So here's the thing. Using export mode on either laptop or desktop, I can load these greyed out songs, play them, see all of the cuepoints, genre tags, etc; most everything is there and appears just fine. I can even access and play them in Rekordbox Link mode on my laptop with my XDJ-XZ. However, I cannot export these songs to my thumb drives which is a major issue. Screenshot below shows that a greyed out song will load with all memory cues etc.


On either device, the songs that do not export show a PC Name before the location information in Track Summary. Songs that do export correctly do not show a PC Name. This situation is present across both devices. The screenshots below show this. Even on "SUBOXYDEPC" (my desktop), it shows the songs missing are on "SUBOXYDEPC".


Grey, NOT Exportable: Showing PC Name


White, Exportable: NOT Showing PC Name

-I have always added and prepared tunes on my desktop only. Traditionally they would sync without issue to my laptop.

-Some options are not available for grey songs such as Analyze or Cloud Library Sync, shown below.


White, Exportable


Grey, NOT Exportable


-Display all missing files does nothing because none of the files are missing, and the program can clearly see all of the files.

-Under My Page, I tried disabling Library Sync on both devices to no avail, and re-enabling sync on both devices, which also changed nothing.

-Under "Preferences -- Advanced -- Other" I changed "Computer Name : Export Name" to the same name on both devices. Disabled and re-enabled sync again, nothing. Screenshot below is the same on both the laptop and the desktop.

-Tried changing the official computer name in Windows settings of SUBOXYDELAPTOP to SUBOXYDEPC, nothing.

-Under "Preferences -- Advanced -- Library Sync" I made sure "Location of Files" was the exact same for both devices. Nothing.

-Under "Preferences -- Advanced -- Database" I noticed the "Rekordbox XML -- Imported Library" was different on both devices. So I copied the "download.xml" from my Laptop to my PC and directed the program to that file to see if that would help; it did nothing.

-I am solely using Dropbox to synchronize metadata. I'm not paying anybody $200 to copy over files that I already have on both computers.

-Here is a portion of the export log from my PC, it's 704kb, a LOT of songs aren't exporting.


I'm really having a hard time understanding why the program suddenly refuses to export certain songs. They're there, they're accessible, practically everything is loading perfectly, it's frustrating that the primary functionality of this program has been broken by a new paid for feature. Does anybody know of a workaround until this is fixed, or am I doing something wrong? I made the mistake of uninstalling 6.0.3, and I am sincerely regretting that. Does anyone have a link to the older version in the meantime? Searching around I could only find it on seemingly nefarious websites, and would like it if Pioneer could make it easier to find older versions of 6 as well as 5 for when mistakes like this are made.


All the best,



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Hey there, no problem. I filled out an inquiry already but wanted to post here in case the community responded quicker, which it (you) did. Thank you for that!

Reinstalling 6.0.3 fixed it. Going to use that until this is fixed. Anyone else using 6.0.4 with the same issue, hop back over to 6.0.3. Seems to work just fine! Here's the link again for convenience.


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wow i got the exact same issue although i NEVER used cloud sync. 
since the upgrade randomly some tracks are greyed out now. i never moved anything and only have the free plan.

the tracks are playable via LINK and performance mode, but they dont export, and even playlists which had the tracks on the stick, will lose them.

WTF why are they grey?! also the grey tracks do not turn green after they've been played.
im gonna go 6.0.3 again too...

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As per Pioneer's recommendation, I upgraded to Dropbox Pro so I could fit all my songs, grabbed the latest 6.2.0, uploaded all of my songs to dropbox via library sync, and the problem is still present. Their support has been awful, it takes weeks to get a reply if I even do get one, and they've been suggesting the same thing this whole time. I finally tried their suggestion and it didn't do anything.


It's been four months since this issue and I've gotten nowhere. I've actually gone backwards, because now, my entire library is on Dropbox, but tracks are still greyed out, and I want them back on my PC so that I can go back to 6.0.3 and use it the way it was. If I "move tracks to local storage" it will only create duplicates and take up precious hard drive space. Besides, my tracks are already organized in the windows folder just fine.


Pioneer, I am appalled at your support team.

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Was your problem solved? because I have exactly the same.

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@PT > If you're having this problem please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

@Joe > I see our team is still working with you to address your problem; please continue to communicate with them in the ticket.

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