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Communication with Rekordbox Agent failed

Good afternoon,

since today when starting RB 6 the error "Communication with rekordboxAgent failed" appears and RB does not start. According to Infolink ( https://rekordbox.com/de/support/faq/trouble-shooting-6/#faq-q600139 ) this could be caused by a virus program or VPN. I have uninstalled the virus program and there is no VPN.

Do you have experience with it or an idea/ solution? Please ask urgently for support as I play in 2 days and my preparation is now completely gone!

Thanks a lot  to you

Regards Wolfgang

Wolfgang Riess Répondu

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Having exactly the same problem here. Incredibly irritating :-(

Chris Salt 0 votes
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same problem here 

The only way to get around it, is to re-install RB :(

Glenn Petersen 0 votes
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