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Ddj-1000 & BUTT + Blackhole, no mic output and no vinyl?

Hi guys, I've started a new weekly radio show which gets streamed online via my studio with BUTT. I use a ddj-1000 with rekordbox and have to turntables connected as well. I used a guide from here to setup my audio and midi with BLACKHOLE so that it would register on BUTT. But now doing my first show last night I discovered that my mic was not registering. It is plugged into the DDJ and I can hear it over the monitors but it doesn't register on BUTT. And the same goes for my turntables they don't register either. Is there a fix for this? If I use OBS and a combo of Soundflower and jackpilot it all works fine. But for this particular radio station I have to do everything via BUTT. 

Long message I know but hope this makes my issues clear and that someone has a solution. 


Thnx in Advance!

Bruno Anthony

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