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suggestion feature for edit mode

Really great idea with the edit function - makes making dj edits a lot easier. 

One feature that would be nice is gain adjust and tempo. Some tracks are quieter/ slower than others. While bmp is not a big deal - there is always a sync button, the gain control is. The trim knob is very sensitive on the XZ controller, and it would just save unnecessary headache if gain could be adjusted while prepping the set in RB.

-another feature is the "DECK" button functionality. Its a cool idea - you click it and it shows compatible tracks, however, there are other combinations of keys that are also compatible - would be nice to tweak that. 


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If you're mixing internally, you can already do this by enabling the AUTO GAIN setting in the rekordbox preferences, then adjust the track here:

The purpose of the editor is a quick-remix / edit solution, not a full DAW suite for other corrections.

Thanks for your feedback.

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I don't mix internally, and I would trust my ears over a software engine. A gain adjust does not even cover what DAW can do. The song would have to be re-exported as a new edit, so why not make it a bit better while you are at it? It is a quick edit solution.  If I have to reach out to a daw to make a simple gain adjust then I might as well do the edits there if that's the case. 


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