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Just got SP16 - some suggestions for future updates

Just got my SP-16 last week - I must be the one of the only SP-16 owners in my small South East Asian country!
Its a fantastic machine and the sound quality is stellar.
For what it's worth, these features would really improve it for me -
1. Ability to assign sample per slice in individual track.
Even if this was only 4 samples per track, it would be so much better than than the situation of either having to manually paste together samples on a computer or resampling groups of samples just so you can manually slice them on the SP16
An alternative to this might be to a "join" command, which would join individual samples together natively in the SP16
It's a real waste of the SP-16s capabilities to have a track taken up by just one sample, when the capability to play 16 samples per a track (monophonic) already exists via the slice function
2. Up to 8 bars (or more!)
4 bars is just too short and means having to use loads of different patterns just for to change a loop - ie when you need to do a small change at the end of 16 bars
An alternative to this might be a better mute implementation that could be programmed to mute elements of the same pattern at different points in an arrangement
3. Better sample management
Delete, rename, move. This, I would have thought would be fairly simple
There are many other improvements that other users have mentioned - but these are the pivotal 3 for me.


Nicholas Lhoyd-Owen

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It would be very useful for Pioneer to give a definitive answer to SP16 users as to whether:

1. There will be an update - with a rough date

2. There will be an update - no date available

2. There may be an update

3 There will never be an update


Nicholas Lhoyd-Owen 1 vote
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over on this thread https://www.elektronauts.com/t/pioneer-toraiz-sp-16/18482/860

 someone posted the following :


I ask if we may get a final update. Seem like the 1.60 is final.
as SP-16 engineers answered below :

Unfortunately, we have no update plan currently.
We understand not only you but also many other customers have been waiting for such features.
Such feedback will be considered and utilized in new models to be developed in future.

Deeply sorry for not meeting your expectation and thank you very much for your kind understanding.


Who knows if its true - for sure Pioneer will not tell you

Nobody is asking Pioneer to commit to a date for when an update will be released

However......the least one could expect would be to inform the customers whether an update is actually being worked on or not

All we get from support here, is - thank you for your points, I will inform development

Nearly a year ago a list was already sent to development


What is the status of this apart from Development has been made aware????







NonExistantProductDevelopmentSupport 0 votes
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Pioneer doesn't care because we're like kids playing with a fancy toy. Not enough professionals rely on the toraiz devices for them to actually develop this thing any further. If you actually use the midi sequencing functions you'll realize they don't work after you write about 6 full scenes. I was the first to report this bug about 2 months ago shortly after purchasing and that told me everything i needed to know with this device being what 3-5 years old?

Anthony Baccari 0 votes
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2. Up to 8 bars (or more!)
You can do that via arrangement mode as a work around but I guess the cooler solution would be to implement probability and conditional trigs like on Elektron devices. Then you can program your changes on the same 4 bars.
Martin Sotirov 0 votes
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