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Squid bugs and requests


I have been using Squid basically since day one when it was released. I like it a lot, but some of the bugs and lack of features frustrate me. Here are some thoughts and things that I have found.

Can't make new project with out loosing track setup. 
Save as project but clear all patterns. I want to start from blank page but don't want to set up my tracks again. I have to clear all the patterns on every track one by one.  

if you are on patterns page and changing the pattern and then changing the page you are stuck on that pattern page until the pattern changes.

You are also stuck on patterns page if the squid is on pause and you change the pattern. you have to press pause or play to get out.


Requests - 
- Per step probability
- Pattern chaining / song mode
- Separate drum track
- Speed modulation mapped to pitch, gate, not only speed
- Per pattern program change
- Per track octave / note range preset (if I take empty pattern for bass for example, then I don't need to change the notes down 2 octave every time)
- Scale note range changes also on the trigger page (if I am on c1-d#2 range, then entering the notes on trigger page would also be c1, not c3 as it is now)

hoping for an update




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Hi Motobor,

Thank you very much for the thoughtful input.

Regarding the saving just the track setup without saving the patterns. Yes, in an ideal world, it may be possible to add an additional save option called "save only tracks" or something to that effect. It might be clunky and unclear in the interface. One workaround is to setup your tracks, then save that as a separate project, then continue working on creating your patterns.

"if you are on patterns page and changing the pattern and then changing the page you are stuck on that pattern page until the pattern changes."

Ah, I was unaware of that as I always have patterns set up to change on the next 16th note. I don't have a unit in front of me but I take your word for it. I'll verify this and let the engineering team know. Same goes with the second example of strange behavior you noted.

The items on your list have almost all been seconded by many user and constitute some of the major suggestions for improvement which have already been conveyed.  Some would be a bit tough to implement like re-assignment of the internal LFO to other attributes beside track playback speed...other things like per pattern program change are seen as widely appreciated workflow enhancements.

The engineering team have been collecting suggestions for improvement but there is no official confirmation on when an update will be released.




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No updates, seems we need to be happy with what we have at the moment.

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I bought a SQUID and it's  - besides small limitations like bars ;)  -  one brilliant piece of gear.
Why did i not buy this before... 
but one thing: when i set let's say a 3 note chord with 3 triggers on a step, and turn on probability, then one would of course expect the chord to play sometimes, sometimes not. 
But what happens is, that single triggers/notes of the chord sometimes get played, sometimes not, so it can be you hear sometimes zero, sometimes 1, sometimes 2, or sometimes 3 notes.  musically this makes not really sense, does it?
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