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MORE of the COMMON DDJ SR problems

I have had the SR for about a year now. I liked it at first, it felt sturdy and well built.  Light use, only at home for practice. I perform on CDJs most of the time. Anyways, It started clipping and giving weird feedback through my speakers and headphones when I would switch it on, I just assumed it must be normal because Pioneer is supposed to be on top of the game when it comes to DJing.... Boy was I wrong.

Now, the CUE buttons cause distortion, HOT CUE and ROLL features completely glitch out, the controller is not usable. From what I have read online it seems to be a VERY common problem with the SR controller and the mods on this site seem to shut down every thread on the topic. Trying to blame users for something that is CLEARLY a factory defect. Hundreds of DJs aren't experiencing the same exact issue if it wasn't a problem on their end. I now have a $600 brick that I can't use, I have a bad taste in my mouth from Pioneer, and I am in the position that I could easily spread the word to lots of colleagues (Club and bar owners, DJs, Producers,) 

I guess it boils down to Pioneer would rather piss off their customer base than admit fault on a faulty product and stand behind what they sell. 

*inb4 mod says its my problem.

I have new USBs. Its not the usb.

I have a 2019 MacBook pro. Its not my computer. 

I use Serato DJ PRO. It's not rekordbox.


(I jumped on the forum and followed all their troubleshooting steps of trying to reset, and also tried to update the firmware, now the center fader/volume lights just flash repetitively. It will not let me do anything. Says "Your DDJ SR is not connected")


 This is 110% a pioneer factory defect, and they will try to blame you. Be warned, friends and colleagues. 


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Just patiently waiting for "Pulse" to angrily reply to me, try to blame me, and close this post for comments so they can say "not many people are reporting this issue"

Yeah, they probably can't because you are shutting them all down. 

So here I am! Yet another pissed off DJ reporting my problem. 

I am not here to garner sympathy from someone who clearly has none, @Pulse 


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