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DDJ-800 Driver & Mac OS Big Sur (11.0.1): Installation Failed

I just received my DDJ-800 yesterday and tried to install the Mac OS Driver for it (DDJ-800_M_1.1.0.dmg; DDJ-800AudioDriver.pkg). 

At right after the installation step where it says "Verifying" it stops with the error "The installation failed." "The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail".

I tried to install on my other Macbook which still runs on Catalina (10.15) and it works fine there so I assume you did not prepare the installers for Big Sur, yet.

Is there any time estimate for you to support the installation on Big Sur?


PS: DDJ-1000 and other drivers fail to install, too. It is not just the DDJ-800

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We haven't yet validated or updated the drivers for the M1 computers or Big Sur, but we expect that to be completed for many products this month. We also do not recommend 3rd party or repackaged drivers.

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