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DDJ-1000 Big Sur driver install crash

I know this is a touchy subject, but I'm just looking for some help. 

Unfortunately I was unaware of the "unspoken rule" of not updating to the newest OS update for at least 3 months. Shortly after updating to Big Sur, I noticed my DDJ-1000 was having issues on the jog display - lagging, and general bugs not showing hot cues that others have spoke of. I figured uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers would offer a fix, but that's not the case as the installer crashes every time (this was towards the end of November). I know Pioneer is working on the compatibility and I'll skip complaining about any of it because that's not helpful, even though they said they'd have something at the end of December.

But, is there any help anyone can offer so I can reinstall the drivers? As you can discern my DDJ-1000 is nothing more than a $1200 paperweight right now. I looked into going back to the previous OS but because that requires a hard drive wipe I'm wary of doing so, even with backing everything up to an external. 

I appreciate any help anyone can offer, thank you. 

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Unfortunately, per the news announcement updated on December 22nd, we still do not recommend users upgrade to Big Sur at this time, as we have not yet verified compatibility for our products. As you can see from this list, we aren’t the only ones still in the process of validating our software and drivers.

There are two options available for most users:

1) Wait until the updated drivers are released. We expect the validation to be completed soon but do not have a timeline available. Any driver updates will be released as they are completed.

2) Downgrade your computer to Catalina. The problem with this option is it's a destructive downgrade requiring the formatting of your drive. There are instructions available online for backing up your user data, then installing Catalina and restoring the data, but we are not responsible for that process. This is not an option for users with the new Apple M1 CPUs as Catalina will not work on those computers.

Please watch our social media channels and news page for announcements.

Thank you for your patience.

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I have or have had a similar problem.

I did not uninstall the driver before or after the upgrade.

I did this:
- close the rekordbox
- disconnect the controller from the usb
- restart the controller
- restart macbook
- open terminal and run "brew doctor", "brew upgrade" to fix some packages like python, ruby ...
- restart macbook
- connect the controller to the usb port
- start the rekordbox
- reset settings to default
- Re-analyze all tracks
- load tracks to decks

I use mostly beatport link, and the starting order is essential, first the controller, then the rekordbox. If there is braking, restart the macbook.

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As I said, the installer for the driver crashes every time I go to actually reinstall the driver to my DDJ-1000. There's no other issues with Rekordbox, my Mac, or any other software I have, it's simply Pioneer's installer that crashes. 

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