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DDJ SX3 Jog Wheel Noise

When I turn the left jog wheel on my SX3, there is a faint, dull "bump" sound. It happens in the same "area" during the spin each time. It doesn't affect the actual motion of the jog, and it doesn't seem to affect its behavior, either. Is this within normal manufacturing discrepancies?

I am attaching an audio file, though please note it sounds worse in the audio than it is in person, and that I am rotating the jog a full round each time the sound occurs.



Ellis Markman Répondu

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Hey Ellis,

Sorry to hear that - could certainly be a defect with the jog spindle; if you just bought it, I'd return to your retailer for an exchange. If it's beyond the return period, please contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or repaired.

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