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Big Sur and DDJ-1000


I have seen several posts about the Big Sur update and issues with the DDJ-1000. I am also having major issues. Lagging, slow response, memory leaks etc. The answer from Pioneer is: "The update is not ready yet.". Can you please give us some perspective in when this will be released? I can understand that you can't point a day, but some guideline in a certain week or month will be nice. Otherwise it can be useful to downgrade to Catalina. 

Btw I agree on earlier mentioned posts: the Big Sur beta was available for developers on October 14th of last year and Pioneer should react faster on their software/firmware upgrades. 



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I'm not going to get technical because I don't want this to be taken as any kind of official answer, whether here or quoted / screenshot and shared elsewhere... but Apple made changes in Big Sur that broke some audio and MIDI things for a lot of manufacturers, which is why we're not the only ones who haven't released an update. We know there is a fix coming from their end, and we've tested stuff on our end to know it will address the problem, we just don't have a release date.

Thanks for the patience.

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