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DDJ-100 & Big Sur

Pioneer - It's been months now with the DDJ-1000 issue and Big Sur. You guys are the leader in DJ gear around the world, so what is the hold up on this? If you guys really can't figure it out, please offer an exchange program for all of us experiencing this issue. I've had my DDJ-1000 for about 6 months, so I'd be willing to go with a stand alone model if you guys can't fix this issue. Please advise!!!

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I'm not going to get technical because I don't want this to be taken as any kind of official answer, whether here or quoted / screenshot and shared elsewhere... but Apple made changes in Big Sur that broke some audio and MIDI things for a lot of manufacturers, which is why we're not the only ones who haven't released an update. We know there is a fix coming from their end, and we've tested stuff on our end to know it will address the problem, we just don't have a release date.

Thanks for the patience.

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