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Squid connecting to volca and td-3

Hi, I'm an idiot and not worthy, but please help me. I bought the squid with Fantasies of controlling my korg Voca beats, my Berenger TD3, possibly my RC 505 and a keyboard (a roland juno or my korg R3). I watched every video that I could find on connectivity. Basically what I am experiencing is I cannot get the pads to play the full note range of any of my device's. It's playing the ago go from the vocal beats but not the rest of the drums. It plays one tone from the TD3. I don't seem to be able to control patterns or sequence, but I can turn all devices on and off from the squid. I'm just not really sure where the references that I need to get me on the level to be able to get this thing to work for me are. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Obviously I am relatively new to syncing things up with MIDI.
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