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DDJ 440 rekordbox connection

I've just bought a DDJ 400 and I cannot get it to work with rekordbox. When I plug it in Rekordbox is saying "DDJ 400 Connected", but I can't get it to respond at all when I try to load and play a track.

I'm using a Mac with OS Mojave and rekordbox 4.5.0 which I have been using with Pioneer DJM250 DVS for the last year without any issues at all. I have installed the DDJ400 driver.

Luke Shewring Répondu

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Hey Luke,

There are no drivers for the DDJ-400, however you will need to update to at least rekordbox 5. We're currently at rekordbox 6, which I would recommend as the DDJ acts as a hardware-unlock for that controller.

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