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Pioneer DJM-450 effects not fully functioning in headphones

I just bought a Pioneer DJM-450 2-channel mixer used, and have some clarifying questions about sound effects via the headphones. Is it only possible to listen to the audio input with headphones by using the [CUE] button? 

I also can hear all of the color effects (filter, sweep, noise) except Dub Echo in my headphones. When it comes to the beat effects I cant hear any of them in my headphones. However, I can hear all of these effects in the master out, which are a pair of bookshelf speakers.

Is my mixer not fully functional? Can you hear all of the color and beat effects in headphones on a new DJM-450? If it is the mixer that is the problem, what are my options for repair or troubleshooting?

Frank Paper Répondu

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Hi Frank,

Everything is working as it should. Some of the effects are "post-fader" (such as the echo) as they continue after the fader has been closed. As such, those are not available to be previewed in the headphones and can only be heard on the master.

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