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using an external DAC

hello, I just wanted to ask a quick question as there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on this,

I currently have CDJ3000s connected to a DJM900 srt mixer via the digital inputs, 

I have a fairly high end standalone hifi DAC for part of my hifi system, which I know produces much better sound quality, so I would like to use the digital output from the mixer into my external DAC,

my question is, are there any limitations when using the pioneer mixer this way?   before I go ordering an extra cable.

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Hey Martin,

Nope - the digital signal is sent from the mixer to whatever other outboard gear you wish to use, so no limitations! It's the same as if you were using the master outputs of the mixer itself, just from before the DAC.

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Thanks Pulse,

I better get ordering! haha

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