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Toraiz SP16 won't boot, won't go into service mode. It's dead..

My experience with the sp16 apart from it's limitations and few bugs was good for two weeks.. I build many projects and scene's. I wanted to backup my content to usb, sadly the SP16 decided to crash after 2 weeks of use. It won't boot. The lights go on, the system with touchscreen doesn't boot. first it did but got stuck on the logo's... 
I was able to enter firmware mode once after the crash but it wouldn't update the system with the firwarefile. 
Now it boots with lights on, the screen doesn nothing and then all lights go off... 

This is fcked up. All my work is lost. It seems this is a major software boot error... I did nothing strange with the device.

In 5 years of using Elektrons, I never experienced such a thing, so extreme.. I was about to backup things. I hope there is a way I can restore this data and get the device in some sort of service mode..

support from pioneer on socials is a laugh...




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Sorry to hear that -- I'll direct you to please contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or repaired.

Unfortunately our social media channels are not managed by technical support specialists, which is probably why they directed you here or to our official support channels. Hopefully they can get you sorted out.

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