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DDJ-200 + WeDJ + Traktor Audio 2 issue

I decided to buy DDJ-200 besides my DDJ-800 to DJ remotely while camping or just having a small patio party with friends only using a power bank, portable speaker and iPhone. Since the signal from the splitter cable is mono, I bought Traktor Audio 2 audio interface to have the luxury of stereo sound for both speaker and headphones.

While Traktor Audio works fine with regular music apps like Music app, Spotify and with Algoriddim DJay, the Pioneer app WeDJ is not working correctly. The sound is coming only from headphones, but nothing is coming out from Master.

I could be using DJay, but I’d prefer WeDJ because the controller is optimized better, in my opinion. Does anyone know what could be a solution to this issue?

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The WeDJ app is designed for split-mono output with the DDJ-200, not to use separate pairs of outputs for the master and headphones. Unfortunately you'd have to use the split cable with WeDJ, not the Audio2. Sorry!

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That’s what I thought in the first place. But when I looked on the Audio Device Setup, it showed me that Master is connected to one channel, and Headphones to the second one. So theoretically it should work. See the picture on my Google Drive:

If it’s not working now, is there any chance to make it compatible with external audio interface in any future update?

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