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ddj-1000 audio issue, ridiculous response from support

A few days ago I made an inquiry ticket as advised by Pulse regarding my issues with sound glitching on the ddj-1000 and I just got the most ridiculous response from the support team, telling me that "the new rb5 update is compatible with Big Sur" (I don't have a Mac) and that I should use rb6 which is compatible with the ddj-1000 (the problem persists between versions and I don't want to use rb6 anyways...)

Is there any way my ticket can get an actual reply? Because it feels like it was answered by a bot, and also I wrote the ticket in English and got an answer in Spanish which is weird to say the least. 

Sebastian S.

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If you are in a Spanish speaking area (IP address) that would explain the response.  With a ticket open, you will receive assistance from there.

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