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Trouble with DDJ-200 cue with Rekordbox

I hate it when things that worked perfectly stop working for no reason. After a few months not using my DDJ-200 with Rekordbox, I've used it again and the audio is now messed up. Btw, I use Rekordbox 5.8.6

I use the split cable correctly, but Rekordbox just won't recognise the headphones but still, it plays Master through the phones, as well as the speaker. The audio options are the same that I used when it worked out fine.

Can ayone give me any clue as to what am I doing wrong? I've seen a lot of people complaining with cueing problems with the DDJ-200 yet there's not much Pioneer responses regarding this. Thanks.


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Hey Mandu,

Do you have the outputs in rekrodbox configured for a split output?

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