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Toraiz SP16 Mixer Volume not working when volume is set at step level

Hi there! I have a question about the sp16 & the mixer volume controls.

I am able to use the SP16 mixer page to control the overall volume levels of tracks. However - if I change the volume level on a particular step, the mixer page volume control for that particular track no longer works properly on the overall level of the track. It seems to only affect the steps where I have not manually changed the volume.


Is this expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?



Simon Répondu

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Hi Simon, locking the track's volume to a particular step will interfere with the mixer's volume level, as that is what you are actually locking to that particular step.

If you want to retain free control of the track's volume in the mixer area, don't lock the volume on a per-step basis, but instead lock the velocity (in the Amp Envelope area)

Rhythm Droid
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