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SDK for SP-16

you've locked the previous thread for some reason, so i started a new one. the previous one is here: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/900002191886-Sp-16-Opening-the-OS-Alternative-third-party-operating-system-option

i just think releasing an SDK would be the least that Pioneer could do right now if they're not intending to develop the firmware anymore themselves. so many of the initial promises are still unfulfilled and there are several serious bugs. the hardware is so nice that it's a big shame that the firmware is as limiting as it is right now. thinking about all the unleashed potential hurts!

in the previous thread you said:

> Unless the system were made completely open from scratch, there is almost no way that Pioneer DJ would allow the current system to become open-source because of the amount of proprietary code which is shared by functions such as the effects and time stretching.

i completely understand this, and i don't think anyone was expecting Pioneer to open-source their DSP algorithms etc. instead, all that would be needed i just an SDK that would allow people to program the DSP chip and UI themselves.

just think about how much people would love an SDK, and what it would do to boost Pioneer's brand-image!

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Sorry, not something the product team is interested in doing.

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