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DJS-1000 No new software Development

I'm just posting this to get peoples thoughts on the complete lack of software improvement and update of the DJS-1000. This unit has so much potential, but no new updates to functionality have been made since 2018. If you compare this to the Akai Force or MPC they are constantly adding new and improved features, on top of bug fixes. There is massive potential to add software functionality that the unit is perfectly capable of with its current hardware platform, yet Pioneer don't seem to be listening to anything in the feature request. I expect a DJS-2000 will be released instead? Interested to hear other peoples thoughts.
Dan OConnor

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Agreed. From all Pioneer hardware that I have, the DJS-1000 is actually the best device, it is a beast (in a positive way). It deserves more attention that it currently gets. In a previous topic, I was referring to Ableton Link (which became an open protocol) as a possible future feature.

I'm pretty sure there are other nice features that could be added as well, but I don't have insights in the economics / business side of things ;) 

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