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Djay Pro 2 / Beat FX Auto BPM Sync Issue / DDJ-1000 SRT

Hello, I’m having an issue with Djay Pro 2 and the BPM Auto Sync feature on the Beat FX controls–the FX controls work independently on both decks, but none of them sync to the actual BPM of the track like they do in Serato. I really don’t want to switch to Serato, but currently, the BPM Auto Sync on the controller only flashes 120 bpm regardless of the track. I already reinstalled the latest driver (1.0.0), firmware (v1.02), and Djay Pro 2 update (v. 2.2.8).

Can anyone help clarify this? I could have sworn this was working correctly before, but now for some reason when I set the FX channel dial to “Mic” it sporadically assigns the correct BPM. Rather odd as sometimes it does and doesn’t work, and only works on the left deck.

The issue seems to have started after updating the firmware to v.1.02, so any fixes would be greatly appreciated, as I don't believe there is any way to roll back the firmware currently to test out, and I currently can't use my controller fully.

Link to video of issue: https://www.icloud.com/photos/#08k0m3VR3zvHDgnVJhpsVdOaw

Thank you!

Juan Benitez

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