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DDJ 1000 and Recordbox

Good Day :-)

I just received my DDJ 1000 and am busy setting up, i have downloaded the drivers and record box however it does not ask me for the license key is that correct?

Also, I have managed to import tracks however the BPM counter/indicator stays at Zero is there a setting I need to adjust or is there something wrong ? Would I need to re-analyze the tracks perhaps ?

Your guidance will be greatly appreciated :-) 



Dino Arkham

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It's correct that it doesn't ask for a license as the DDJ-1000 hardware unlocks Performance Mode in Rekordbox. 

Do you mean the BPM indicator in the library category or in the track interface? Does this happen with 1 track, multiple or all? Definitely try to reanalyse. 

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Excellent Thank You so Much.

The BPM indicator on Recordbox and the Jog Wheel LCD stays on Zero on all tracks however I will re-analyze and check if that works.

Thank you once again :) 


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